Required: Three hard-boiled eggs. One tablespoonful of chutney. One teaspoonful of mustard. One teaspoonful of curry powder. Half an ounce of butter. Cayenne and salt. Buttered toast.

Shell the eggs, put the white on one side, and chop up the rest finely. Chop up the chutney and mix with it the mustard and curry powder.

Melt half an ounce of butter in a small pan, put in the eggs, chutney, etc., also cayenne and salt to taste, and stir these over the fire till the mixture is hot through.

Have ready some finger-shaped pieces of hot buttered toast, put some of the mixture down the centre of each, and garnish them with either a narrow border of finely chopped white of egg round or in a line down the middle. Cost, 7d.