Required: Two medium-sized soles. A few browned crumbs. Quarter of a pint of good white sauce. Three teaspoonfuls of anchovy essence. A little lemon-juice. Salt and pepper. Maitre d'hotel butter. For the maitre d'hotel butter: Two ounces of fresh butter. Two teaspoonfuls of chopped parsley. One teaspoonful of lemon-juice. Salt and pepper.

Wash, skin, and fillet the soles. Twist each fillet round a finger, putting the side which has no skin outside, otherwise it would unroll.

Place the rolls on a buttered baking-tin, sprinkle them with salt, pepper, and lemon-juice. Lay a piece of greased paper over the top and cook them in the oven for about ten minutes.

Then roll each in browned crumbs. Arrange them on a hot dish.

Heat the sauce in a small pan, stir in the anchovy essence, lemon-juice, and salt and , pepper to taste. Pour this sauce into a hot tureen.

Put a small pat of maitre d'hotel butter on each roll of fish and serve.