Required: About one and a half pounds of best-end neck of mutton. One and a half ounces of butter. One small onion. Half a pint of brown stock. Six olives.

Half an ounce of glaze. Salt and pepper.

A tablespoonful of sherry (if liked). Half a pint of well-boiled haricot beans. (Sufficient for about six persons.)

Cut the meat into neat cutlets, trimming them carefully. Melt the butter in a frying-pan. When it is hot lay in the cutlets, put the onion, thinly sliced, on them. Pour in the stock, add the olives, after first cutting them in halves and taking out the stones.

Let them stew gently for thirty minutes. After soaking the beans in water for twelve hours, boil them until they are tender - they will probably take from three to six hours but this varies greatly according to the age and variety. Next drain off the water and keep the beans hot in a little stock. When the cutlets are cooked, strain the beans from the stock, arrange them on a hot dish, to form a bed on which to place the cutlets, and strain the sauce into another pan; put the olives back into it, add the glaze and wine and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Let it boil well, then pour it round the cutlets.