Required: One pound of fillet steak. One ounce of butter. Two tablespoonfuls of salad oil. Two teaspoonfuls each of chopped chutney parsley, and vinegar. (Sufficient for two or three persons.)

Wipe the meat quickly with a cloth dipped in hot water, then cut it through so as to form two neat round steaks. Lay these steaks on a dish, dust them with salt and pepper, and pour over them the oil and vinegar. Let them stand in this for fifteen minutes. Then grill the meat over or before a clear fire from ten to twenty minutes, according to the thickness of the steaks. While they are cooking work together the butter, parsley, and chopped chutney.

Put the cooked steaks on a hot dish, spread the surface with the butter and chutney. Garnish the dish with small heaps of carrot cooked as follows:

Cut the carrot into neat, even-sized dice, cook them until tender in boiling salted water, then drain them well and toss them about in a pan with a small lump of butter.