Required: Four ounces of cooked veal.

Two ounces of cooked ham.

One gill of cream.

One gill of aspic.

Three-quarters of a pint of good white sauce.

Half an ounce of French gelatine.

Two red chillies.

Half a teaspoonful of grated lemon-rind.

Salt and pepper.


Salad. (Sufficient for eight to ten persons.) Rinse about ten small oval moulds with cold water. Warm the aspic slightly, and coat the moulds inside with it thinly. Let it set, then decorate the top of each with a pretty design of cut chillies.

Set this decoration with a few drops of aspic. Remove any skin and gristle from the veal and ham, chop them finely, and pound in the mortar until smooth.

Heat the sauce, dissolve the gelatine in a tablespoonful of hot water, add it to the sauce, stir well, and strain it on to the veal, etc. Mix and rub the mixture through a hair sieve. Whip the cream until it will just hang on the whisk, stir it gently into the other ingredients, add the lemon-rind and seasoning, and put the mixture, then layer of aspic, into the prepared tins. Put it on ice until cold. Then turn out carefully and decorate with chopped aspic and salad.

Veal Creams

Veal Creams