Required: Two Bordeaux pigeons. Half a pound of calf's liver. Four ounces of streaky bacon. One egg. Breadcrumbs. One small onion. Salt and pepper. A gill of brown sauce. Half a gill of cooked carrot and turnip. Quarter of a pound of mashed potato. Two ounces of butter. (Sufficient for four persons.)

Split the pigeons in halves, cutting them right down the backbone. Next take a sharp knife and take out the breastbones. Beat the birds slightly with a heavy knife so as to flatten them. Draw the skin neatly over the cut side. Heat the butter in a stewpan; put in the pigeons with the cut side downwards. Lay a lid over the pigeons, with a weight on it so as to keep the birds flat.

Let them cook gently for ten minutes, then lift them out of the pan and press them between two plates until they are cold.

Wash the liver carefully and cut it in thin slices. Cut the bacon into small pieces, and chop the onion.

Put the bacon and onion in a pan and fry them a pale brown; add the liver, salt, and pepper, and fry all for five minutes over a good fire. Next put all these ingredients in a mortar and pound them well; if no mortar is available, put them in an enamel bowl and use the end of a rolling pin in place of a pestle. When all are well pounded together, rub the mixture through a sieve and season it with salt and pepper.

Spread a layer of this stuffing on the cut side of each half pigeon, smoothing it over with a knife dipped in hot water. Brush each piece over with beaten egg and cover it with breadcrumbs. When a faint bluish smoke rises from the frying fat put in the pieces of pigeon and fry them carefully. After the first few minutes lessen the heat, otherwise the outside will be too dark before the inside is sufficiently cooked. Heat the mashed potato in a small pan, season carefully, and arrange it in a semicircle on a hot dish. Put the pieces of pigeons on this, pressing them firmly on to the potato. Heat the sauce and pour it round. Garnish the dish with small heaps of balls of carrot and turnip.

If there is no round vegetable cutter, cut the carrot and turnip in small dice, and cook them until tender in boiling water with salt in it.