(An American Recipe.)

Required: Two pounds of sweet potatoes. Boiling water. Dripping for frying. Salt and pepper. (Sufficient for six persons.)

Choose potatoes of uniform size, wash and scrub them, but do not break the skin. Put them in a pan of boiling water, and boil them until they feel slightly hard in the centre Drain off the water. Cover the potatoes with a clean cloth, and leave them on the side of the stove for five minutes.

Next skin them and cut them in slices about three-quarters of an inch thick. Melt about three ounces of good dripping in a frying-pan. When a bluish smoke rises from it, put in the slices of potato, a few at a time, and fry them a golden brown, turning them occasionally. Sprinkle them with salt and pepper, and serve in a hot dish.

N.B. - Sweet potatoes may now be bought at most large stores and first-class greengrocers', and are very delicious.

Fried Sweet Potatoes

Fried Sweet Potatoes