Required: Three-quarters of a pint of cold, rich, boiled custard, sweetened. Half a pint of cream. Two teaspoonfuls each of brandy and Maraschino. A dozen glace cherries. One glace apricot, orange, pear, and fig. ' Two teaspoonfuls of shredded pistachio nuts. One tablespoonful of finely shredded almonds. One ounce of glace ginger. (Sufficient'for eight to ten persons.)

Cut the fruits into rather small cubes, leaving a few larger pieces to put in the top of the mould. Half,. freeze the custard in the. usual way. Put some large pieces of fruit in the top of the mould., add the rest of the fruit, nuts, liqueurs, and whipped cream to the half-frozen custard, mixing all well together. Press this mixture solidly into the mould, seal, freeze, and unmould as directed in "Moulding and Unmoulding Ice Puddings." Cost, 2s. 6d. to 3s.