Advantages of Lenten Diet - Typical Menus for a Week - Recipes lor Cooking Vegetable Soup-salted Fish - Egg Dishes - Cheese Dishes

Glance through the menus, and you will notice there is no meat mentioned, except in the Sunday's dinner. Study them more carefully, and you will find the nourishment lost by omitting meat has been amply made up by substituting such valuable foodstuffs as eggs, cheese, semolina, spaghetti, etc.

At this season many people omit meat on principle from their daily bill of fare, and it would be a distinct advantage if many others did it, if only for their health's sake.

The average Englishman eats far more meat than is good for him, and would derive great benefit if he lessened his butcher's bill and indulged more in eggs, cheese, etc., if only for one week out of every four.