* Potato Soup (p. 98, Vol. I.)

Fried Cod Steaks or Stuffed Brill

Egg Salad

Date Pudding

Cheese Pudding


Scotch Cabbage Soup

Baked Fish Souffle

Coffee Pudding

Eggs in Tomatoes


* Haricot Puree (p. 400, Vol. I.)

Boiled Salt Fish Egg Sauce

Parsnips. *Baked Potatoes (p.773, Vol. I.)

Baked Chocolate Pudding

Cheese Fritters


* Normandy Soup (p. 400, Vol. I.) Fried Whiting. Anchovy Sauce

Curried Eggs Semolina Mould and Stewed Rhubarb


White Vegetable Soup

Salt Fish Balls

Egg and Celery Cutlets

* Cassolettes of Mixed Vegetables (p. 897,

Vol. II.) * Apple Amber (p. 541, Vol.1.)


* Lentil Soup (p. 400, Vol. I.) Creamed Fish in Potato Border

Devilled Eggs

Normandy Pippins and Cream

Macaroni Cheese


* Clear Soup a la Julienne (p. 97, Vol. I.)

* Calf's Brain Fritters (p. 401, Vol. I.)

Roast Beef

* Baked Potatoes (p. 773, Vol. I.).

* Tomatoes au Gratin (p. 1013, Vol. II.)

* Apple Charlotte (p. 1014, Vol. II.)

* Olives a la Madras (p. 94, Vol. I.)

Note. - The recipes for all dishes marked with an asterisk have been given in previous numbers. Where "stock" is mentioned in soup, substitute milk or milk and water