Required: Half a pound of lean cooked ham.

Half a pint of Espagnole sauce.

One and a half gills of cream.

One gill of melted aspic.

Half an ounce of leaf gelatine.

Salt and pepper.

A few grains of nutmeg.

Truffle or chilli. (Sufficient for about six.)

Take a white china souffle-case and tie a band of foolscap paper round it to come an inch or more above the top of the case.

Remove all fat from the ham, and pound the ham in a mortar, adding the sauce gradually into it; next rub it through a wire sieve. Heat the aspic until it is just liquid, then whisk it until it becomes frothy; be careful that it does not become too hot, as it will then take so long to whisk it until frothy.

Whip the cream and stir it gradually into the pounded mixture, seasoning it carefully. Dissolve the gelatine in a little hot stock or water, and strain it into the mixture, adding a few drops of cochineal or carmine to make it a pretty pink tint; lastly, stir in the whisked aspic. Put the mixture into the prepared case and let it get cold; meantime, cut out some pretty designs in truffle or chilli. When the mixture is set arrange these in place, setting them with a few drops of aspic. Pour a layer of aspic jelly over the top; when this is set carefully remove the paper band, and put the case on a lace paper. Cost, about 3s.