Required: Four quails.

Half a pint of good brown stock.

A small piece of carrot and turnip.

One small onion.

One glass of sherry.

Mousse of Ham

Mousse of Ham

Aspic jelly. For the stuffing:

Half a pound of calf's liver.

Quarter of a pound of bacon.

One small onion.

Half a carrot.

A bunch of parsley and herbs.

Salt, pepper, and nutmeg. (Sufficient for about four.)

First prepare the stuffing.

Cut the liver and bacon into small pieces. Prepare the vegetables, and cut them also into small pieces. Fry the bacon in a frying-pan; then put in the liver, vegetables, and herbs, and let them cook gently, stirring them occasionally. Next take out the herbs, and pound the rest of the ingredients in a mortar; then rub them through a wire sieve.

Now "draw" and bone the quails carefully, or, if you have little time to spare, have it done by the poulterer.

Cut off the legs, and stuff each bird with the prepared stuffing. Lay the birds in a stewpan, wash and prepare the vegetables, cut them in small pieces, put them with the bones of the quails over the birds in the pan; add the stock and wine; put the lid on the pan, and let the contents simmer gently for half an hour. Now lift the birds on to a plate, place a second plate over them-on this put a weight. Strain the stock and skim it carefully. Next boil it until it is reduced to glaze. Brush the birds over with this until they are nicely coated; lay each in a paper quail-case.

Cut a pyramid-shaped piece of stale bread, place it on a dish, and lean the quail-cases against it. Chop the aspic jelly, put some of it in a forcing bag, and force a border of aspic round each quail; fill up the spaces between the cases with the chopped aspic. Stick a small fancy skewer into each quail, and a rather larger one into the centre.

Cost, about 5s. 6d.