Required: One ounce of butter. Four ounces of rice.

Three ounces of cooked fresh or smoked fish. Three breakfastcupfuls of stock.

One tablespoonful Of finely chopped onion. One table-spoonful of chopped parsley.

Salt. Cayenne.

(Sufficient for right persons.)

Wash the rice. Melt the butter, and fry the onion in it until it is a pale yellow. Add the rice, and stir it into the butter over the fire for about five minutes. Then add the stock, and cook the rice until it is quite soft and has absorbed the stock.

If it seems too thick before it is cooked enough, add more stock or water to it.

When the rice is a soft, thick mass, add the fish, parsley, and seasoning. Heat thoroughly.

Pile up the mixture in the centre of a hot dish, and serve it at once as hot as possible. This makes an excellent and econo m i c a 1 supper dish.