Required: Two eggs.

One tablespoonful of chopped mushroom. One teaspoonful of milk. Half an ounce of butter. A few browned breadcrumbs. Salt and pepper. (Sufficient for three or four persons.)

Have ready some paper or china ramakin cases, beat the eggs to a light froth, add the milk and a little seasoning.

Next heat the butter in a pan; when it bubbles pour in the egg mixture and stir it over a low fire until it is soft and creamy.

Each case should be half-filled with the mixture, then put in about a teaspoonful of the chopped mushroom, and on this a little more of the egg, heaping it up a little.

Sprinkle some browned crumbs on the top and serve at once in the cases on a lace paper. N.b. - Poultry, game, cooked tongue, or fish, can be used instead of mushroom if meatless fare is not desired.