Required: Half a pound of dried green peas. About two ounces of spinach. One ounce of butter or good beef dripping. Two tablespoonfuls of cream. One quart of stock. One pint of milk. (Sufficient for about six.)

Soak the peas over-night, then drain off the water. Wash the spinach thoroughly, and strip off the stalks; put the peas and spinach into a clean pan with the stock. Put on the lid and boil until the peas are soft, then rub all through a fine wire sieve.

Pour the soup back into the pan, having first rinsed it out, add the milk, bring it to the boil, and if it seems too thick, add a little more stock or milk.

Add the butter in small pieces, with a careful seasoning of salt and pepper, and lastly the cream. Stir it over the fire for a few minutes to make sure it is thoroughly hot, but do not let it boil again.

Serve it in a hot tureen, hand with it neat rounds of fried bread about the size of sixpence, but twice as thick.

N.B.-The cream may be omitted if desired.