The tunic is of bright green silk gauze, bordered with two shades of pink, and caught in at the waist with a narrow sash of the deeper of the two shades. It is cut fuller on the left side, where it is pleated and hitched up, to form a waterfall, under the ribbon belt. A little embroidery similar to that on the skirt is executed in pink silk on the side of the tunic.

The butterfly wings are of painted gauze with a wired edge, and the head-dress, which, being purely Chinese and unique, lends special character to the entire dress, consists of a band of vivid green satin encircling the head, and two spoon-shaped wings of green gauze, edged with pink, so affixed as to stand out almost horizontally at either side.

In her hand the Chinese fairy carries a sheaf of shaded pink blossoms and green leaves. To be correct her feet should be adorned with jewelled sandals, but for dancing purposes flat-soled green silk sandal slippers and flesh-coloured stockings would be preferable.

Two Effective Dresses

The Gainsborough Dress is carried out in stiff white muslin, with a very soft fine transparent muslin fichu tucked into a wide powder blue silk belt. The long, straight sleeves are tied with similar coloured blue ribbons, with soft muslin ruffles over the hands. A white scarf embroidered in floss silk is carried.

The Leghorn straw hat is encircled with blue ribbon, finishing in a bow, furnished with a dainty lace cap within, and further adorned with a lace scarf which fastens it on under the chin.

Bronze sandal shoes, with crossed elastics, white stockings, and a wee bow of narrow black velvet ribbon tied high up underneath the chin, complete one of the daintiest and most attractive fancy dresses imaginable.

The Westphalian Peasant's Dress should be carried out in red, blue, black and white, and gold. She wears a skirt of scarlet merino, bordered with red and blue peasant embroidery, and a bright blue and red kerchief, bordered with blue and red fringe, encircles her shoulders. The bodice is of black silk, with a semi-circular red plaque surrounded by gold bosses in front; the sleeves are of red and black striped material, and the apron of fine white cotton gauged several times across the front.

The white pleated "Dog Toby" collar, and the two squares of white linen embroidered in red and blue, are very characteristic details, as also is the gold cap, with its extraordinary padded bow of black silk that is arranged across the back of the wearer's head. A horizontal bow of similar material - unpadded - lies across the top of it, and a black silk band secures the whole affair to the head, passing under the chin.

Black leather shoes and coarse white stockings, and a necklace composed of gold bosses, encircling the throat, complete a most effective costume.

A Marvellous Head-dress

The Corfu Peasant's Fete Dress is a very gay affair indeed. It consists of a violet glace silk skirt, with an apron of blue silk worn over it. The Swiss belt is of the same blue silk embroidered in gold, with gold buttons in front, and outlined with scarlet braid.

Several sashes are worn, one of old Coventry ribbon with bright coloured bunches of flowers on a white ground, and another of similar ribbon, with flowers and background, is carried out in greens, violets, and reds.

The jacket is of crimson velvet, richly embroidered in bright gold, the sleeves being slashed in several places to reveal an under-bodice of white linen. This bodice is cut round in the neck, closely pleated, and is adorned across the front with big gold bosses and a gold locket and chain.

A Gainsborough dress in white muslin, blue sash and ribbons,

A Gainsborough dress in white muslin, blue sash and ribbons,

Leghorn hat, lace scarf, and sandals. A dainty costume, and one that is suitable to many wearers

The head-dress is a wonderful affair.

The wearer's hair is parted down the middle, and brushed smoothly on either side of the forehead. It encircles the head in huge plaits - which in Corfu are usually false, tresses of hair being handed down for generations! - wound with different coloured ribbons. At one side of the head a huge and most fantastic wreath, made of the brightest-coloured flowers of silk and paper, and vividly dyed feathers, corn, and leaves, is worn. The whole is completed by a head drapery of very soft and thin ivory-tinted lawn, bordered with Greek lace.

Red velvet shoes with gold buckles - huge out of all proportion - worn with white cotton stockings, and any number of cheap rings and bead necklaces, complete a Corfu peasant's festival attire.

Barbaric Splendour

The Othello Dress is full of fine barbaric splendour.

The robe is of dull faded pink Indian cashmere, over which is worn a burnouse of putty-coloured cashmere, with a red and green border embroidered in coloured wools, which also form a fringe of tiny woollen tassels.

The sleeves reveal a puce-coloured undergarment, with rich bands of red and green embroidery. The sabretache is made of strips of leopard-skin divided by bands bright-hued barbaric gems and gold The sash is of rich crimson silk embroidered in green, with crimson silk-fringed ends. A gold girdle, with a huge gold and green tassel, also encircles Othello's waist.

The sword is of Eastern workmanship, and is carried in a crimson scabbard. Othello also wears a chain of gold hung with uncut turquoises.

The turban is of fine white linen, and shoes of untanned leather complete his attire.

Authorities To Consult

Sometimes a fancy-dress ball is given at which all guests must appear in the dress of a certain date. Under these circumstances the only thing to be done is to consult the pictures of the period and to array oneself accordingly.

Old pictures, prints, and engravings, popular plays of the day, and last, but not least, books on the history of costume - such as the famous volume by Mrs. Aria, "Costume: Fanciful, Historical, and Theatrical," from which the writer is enabled, through the courtesy of Messrs. Macmillan, to reproduce some of Mr. Percy Anderson's original designs - will furnish some brilliant ideas for a costume, original yet becoming.

A Westphalian peasants dress. A study in red. blue, black and white, and gold. An unusual type of the popular peasant fancy dress

A Westphalian peasants dress. A study in red. blue, black and white, and gold. An unusual type of the popular peasant fancy dress