Required: Six or eight neat cutlets. One ounce of butter. A slice of ham for each cutlet.

One gill of tomato pulp. one teaspoonful of chopped onion. Glaze.

Half a pint of brown sauce. (Sufficient for six.)

Melt the butter, cook the cutlets in it till they are slightly browned, then pour off the butter and add the brown sauce. Cook the cutlets very gently in this till they are tender, which will be in about twenty minutes, turning them now and again.

While the cutlets are cooking, cut the slices of ham as near their size and shape as possible, and fry them till they are lightly cooked.

When the cutlets are done, lift them out of the sauce, and brush them over with melted glaze. Arrange the cutlets in a circle on a bed of mashed potatoes, with a piece of ham between each cutlet. Skim the sauce, add the tomato pulp, onion, and a glass of wine if liked. Boil the whole quickly till it is reduced to one half, then strain it round the cutlets.

In the centre of the dish pile up some cooked macaroni that has been mixed with one tablespoonful of cooked ham and the same of chopped olives. This garnish should first be made thoroughly hot in a little hot glaze before adding it to the dish.

Cost, 3s. 6d.