Required: Two pounds of beef steak. One large carrot and turnip. Two onions.

One ounce of butter or beef dripping. One bunch of herbs. Salt and pepper. Half a gill of vinegar. Half a gill of water or stock. Two tablespoonfuls of flour. {Sufficient for six to eight.)

Cut the meat into neat pieces about two inches square, then, having prepared the vegetables and cut them into rings or dice, melt the butter in a pan, add the vegetables, and stir them about in the fat for some ten minutes. Then add the meat, herbs, vinegar, stock, a small teaspoonful of salt, and a dust of pepper.

Cover the pan tightly and let it simmer very gently for at least three hours, then mix the flour with a little cold water, add it to the gravy, and stir till it boils.

Serve the stew on a hot dish, the meat in the centre, with the vegetables in a ring round it, and the gravy poured over all.

Cost, 2s. 1d.