Required: A sheep's pluck. Suet.

A pound of onions. Half a pound of oatmeal. Salt and pepper.

A teaspoonful of powdered sweet herbs. Stock.

A sheep's paunch. (Sufficient for six or more.)

The pluck consists of the head, lungs, and liver of the animal. Wash these all very carefully in salt and water ; then cook them in stock or water till they are tender and the meat will leave the bones of the head easily.

Next mince all the meats very fine, weigh them, and add three-quarters of a pound of beef suet to each pound of the meat. Chop the suet fine, and also the onions.

Now mix together the meat, suet, onions, herbs, oatmeal, and a good seasoning of salt and pepper. Wash the " paunch " very thoroughly, put the mixture into it, sew up the opening, and put it into a pan with about a quart of stock, and let it boil gently for about four hours.

Cost, from 1s.