Required : One large ox tail.

Two ounces of butter or beef dripping.

Four ounces of lean bacon or ham, or trimmings of either can be used. One small onion. One tablespoonful of mixed pickle. One tablespoonful of melted glaze. Two tablespoonfuls of celery cut into dice. Two' tablespoonfuls of carrot cut into dice. One pint of good stock. Salt and pepper. Half an ounce of flour.

{Sufficient for four.)

Cut the tail into joints about two inches long. Put these into tepid water for about an hour, then take them out and dry them well. Melt the butter in a pan, put in the sliced bacon and vegetables, also the joints of ox tail, then fry them all a light brown.

Next turn the contents of the pan into a casserole, or a stewing-jar would do. Add the stock, and the pickles cut into large pieces. Cover the casserole closely, and let the contents simmer gently for at least two and a half hours, keeping the top well skimmed. Mix the flour smoothly with a little cold water, then add it to the stew, and allow it to boil thoroughly. Lastly, add the glaze and seasoning, and serve it in the casserole.

A small glass of brandy or Marsala can be added, if liked. Cost, 2s. 10d.