This fit is often the result of some error in diet. The child should at once be put into a hot bath, or cloths should be wrung out of hot mustard and water and applied to the feet, legs, and abdomen. When swallowing is once more possible, a small dose of castor oil should be given.

While TEETHING, a baby's mouth should be kept scrupulously clean by washing with a little borax and water after every meal, the gums being rubbed with a finger dipped in borax and glycerine. When the mouth is hot and feverish a drink of cold water may be given occasionally.


This condition is caused sometimes by insanitary surroundings, but far more frequently by improper feeding; the elements essential to nourishment and easy digestion being deficient. The signs of this condition are : (1) The fontanelle does not close as it should do after the age of six months; (2) The tardy appearance of the teeth of which the two lower front ones should come at the age of six months;

(3) The child is very quiet and stolid; (4) The arms and legs develop an excess of fat and a tendency to bend when the child is allowed to crawl or held in a standing position. Cod-liver oil is one of the most important remedies in the treatment of this complaint. Cold salt baths, open air, a liberal supply of creamy milk, and hygienic environment are all essential for its cure.

WEANING should take place gradually about the tenth month, but if possible not during July, August or September. Sterilized cow's milk should take the place of human milk, at first once a day, then twice a day, and so on till it is adopted entirely.

Dummies or comforters should not be used. They are a cause of diarrhoea, and at a later age of adenoids.

Suggested Diet For A Child From Twelve To Eighteen Months

8 A.M. Oatmeal porridge and sterilized milk, or crisp toast and butter or Wallaclite biscuit, followed by drink of sterilized milk.

10.30 A.M. Drink of sterilized milk.

1 P.M. Lightly boiled egg and bread (not too new) and butter, or bread and meat juice gravy, or milk pudding, followed by drink of sterilized milk.

5 P.M. Crisp toast and butter or Wallaclite biscuit, followed by drink of sterilized milk.

9 P.M. Drink of sterilized milk.

A child of eighteen months may be given one of the following dishes for dinner:-Pea soup, fish, very small quantity of lightly cooked-meat with fat, boiled rabbit, chicken, or mashed potatoes, followed by milk pudding, suet pudding, or stewed fruit (neither seeds nor skin).

Summer Diarrhoea

1. Send for a doctor at once.

2. Stop milk and food immediately; give only luke-warm boiled water sweetened with a little sugar to drink during twenty hours; give dose of castor oil.

3. Keep the child warm; put on flannel binder and cover its legs and arms.