Arrangement Of Work

In order that the domestic arrangements may run smoothly, and nothing be omitted, the mistress should carefully plan the work and write out a scheme, so that the maids may know exactly what is expected of them and lose no time in wondering what to do next. Each maid should have a table of her respective duties.

Obviously every mistress should make her own arrangements, so that they fit in with the circumstances of her household; but the following tables may be of use to those unaccustomed to drawing up programmes.

GENERAL SERVANT.-House of seven rooms.

6 a.m.-Rise, light kitchen fire, fill kettle, clean boots, sweep hall, clean steps and brasses, light breakfast- or dining-room fire, sweep and dust the room.

8 a.m.-Prepare and lay cloth for breakfast, have kitchen breakfast while dining-room breakfast is going on, open bedroom windows, strip beds, and attend to wash-stands.

9 a.m.-Remove and wash breakfast-things.

9.20 a.m.-Help mistress to make beds, dust bedrooms and stairs, receive orders for the day.

10 to 12 a.m. Special allotted work. The mistress during these hours is probably doing the cooking.

12 to I p.m.-Help mistress in kitchen, lay cloth for dinner.

1 p.m.-Dining-room and kitchen dinner.

1.30 p.m.-Remove and wash dinner-things, knives and saucepans, make up sitting-room fire, tidy kitchen.

2.30 p.m.-Dress, and do some light work, such as cleaning silver; being in readiness to answer the front-door bell.

4.30 p.m.-Prepare tea for room and kitchen.

5.15 p.m.-Remove and wash tea-things.

5.45 p.m.-Turn down beds, draw bedroom blinds, light gas.

8 p.m.-Prepare supper.

9 p.m.-Remove and wash supper-things.

9.45 p.m.-Take hot water to rooms, and go to bed.

Daily Special Work

Monday Morning. - Wash flannels, towels, dusters, and handkerchiefs. If all the washing is done at home, the mistress will probably work herself, so that the maid may have a long uninterrupted morning for washing. Tuesday Morning.-Turn out one large bedroom.

Afternoon.-Ironing. Wednesday.-Turn out two or three smaller bedrooms. Thursday Morning.-Turn out dining-room, bathroom, and staircase. Afternoon.-Clean silver. Friday Morning.-Turn out the drawing-room, clean the hall. Afternoon.-Clean kitchen coppers, brasses, and tins. Saturday.-Clean range, kitchen, storeroom, larder, and area. Where the household is large and only one maid kept, the mistress or elder daughters should certainly take an active part in the work of the home.


6 a.m.-Rise, sweep and dust drawing-room, light fire if necessary, call family, take up hot water, lay the cloth for kitchen and room breakfast, strip beds, attend to wash-stands whilst family are at their meal, remove breakfast things, dust bedrooms, bathroom, stairs, etc.

10 to 12.30 p.m.-Special work. Dress and lay cloth for luncheon or dinner, and wait at table if required.

Remove things, wash silver and glass. 4 p.m.-Carry in afternoon tea. 6 or later.-Lay cloth and wait at late dinner, lighting gas, drawing down blinds when necessary. Turn down beds, etc.