Spring Cleaning - Composition of Dust - Rules for Dusting - Method of Dusting a Room - Dusters.

Daily Work of Hall, Stone Steps, Staircase, Bathroom, Sitting-room, and Kitchen - Treatment of Mats - Weekly Work of Staircase, Sitting-room, Bedroom, and Kitchen.

Before doing the hall the staircase should be attended to. It should be well dusted daily, and, if there is not much traffic, swept twice a week; but in a large household daily sweeping is necessary.

1. Begin at top landing and work downwards.

2. Take up the dust from the top and front of each step with a dustpan and brush, using the whisk side for the carpet and the hair for the varnished sides of the stairs.

3. After sweeping dust the handrail, each banister, and the sides; the sides should first be rubbed with a damp rubber.

Weekly Work Of Staircase

Proceed as above; but before sweeping slip out the rods to get out all the dust from underneath. Clean the brass rods. Polish the handrail and sides of the steps.

Stair carpets should be taken up periodically; if they are much used twice a year is necessary. While the carpets are up, the walls and ceiling of the staircase and hall should be swept with a hair broom covered with a clean duster, changing it as soon as soiled.

Daily Work Of Hall

1. Take up all mats and beat outside the back door.

2. Shut all doors and sweep hall, burning the dust.

3. Dust the wainscotting and doors thoroughly.

4. Clean brass door handles.

5. If tiled or flagged, wash with warm water and soap, only using a scrubbing brush when necessary; wring out flannel and wipe as dry as possible. If carpeted, take up bits with dustpan and brush, and sweep weekly with a carpet whisk.

6. Replace mats.

Hall Mats

Mats are often held by the corners and beaten against the wall to get rid of the dust; but this method makes the corners wear out quickly owing to the strain of the weight. If the ground is dry, they should be put right side downwards, and beaten with strong sticks or broom handles.

Cocoa-Nut Fibre Hall Mats

These, after being beaten, may be cleaned in the following way:-

1. Carefully pick off any threads or flue.

2. Dip a clean bass broom into a bath of warm soap lather containing a little dissolved soda, and with it brush the mat thoroughly.

3. Dip the same broom into first hot water then clean salt water, and apply it all over the surface of the mat; the salt stiffens the fibres.

4. Leave in the open air to dry thoroughly.

Treatment Of Stone Steps


Two pieces of house flannel, bass scrubbing brush, cold water, and hearthstone. The soft hearthstone sold at the rate of two pieces for \\d. is the best, as the hard stone is exceedingly gritty.

1. Sweep the steps from the top downwards with a hair broom.

2. Wipe the top step with the wet flannel, scrub with a bass scrubbing brush, doing the front and sides.

3. Wipe off water.

4. Rub the hearthstone on in a circular direction all over.

5. Make a pad of the second flannel, and work it in a circular direction, then horizontally, very evenly.

N.B.-Never dip the second flannel in water.

Stone window sills should be treated in the same way (to prevent their becoming green), taking care the water does not run down from the sill.