Daily Work Of Bathroom

1. Lightly brush walls and ledges : if (as is desirable) tiled, wipe with a clean cloth.

2. Sweep up all dust on the floor and burn it.

3. Rub windows to remove marks of condensed steam.

4. Rub taps, and clean when necessary with metal polish.

5. Dust the ledges, window sill, door frame, gas globe, top of bath, etc.

6. Polish or rub up woodwork of bath.

7. Wash the lavatory basin, using dry salt to remove watermarks.

8. Leave the towels, soap dish, etc., quite tidy.

9. The bath should be rinsed to remove marks of scum .• weekly it should be cleaned thoroughly with a wet flannel dipped in coarse dry salt or Vim.

10. If there is linoleum on the floor, rub it well, and once a week apply floor polish or beeswax and turpentine.

Daily Work Of A Sitting-Room

1. Open shutters, draw up blinds, and open windows.

2. Remove and shake rugs, cushions, table covers, etc., if not shaken and folded overnight.

3. If a fire is to be kindled, lay down hearthcloth, clean fireplace, then lay and light fire.

4. Lightly brush up the bits from the carpet with a soft brush, making as little dust as possible; empty waste-paper basket into a dustpan, and burn contents at once.

5. Dust the highest things first, using a feather brush for pictures, gas brackets, and books.

6. Dust the skirting board; if there is a wooden surround, wipe it with a damp rubber, then with a dry duster.

7. Replace rugs, table covers, etc.

8. Sponge the leaves of plants, and attend to flower vases.

Weekly Turning Out Of A Bedroom

1. Collect required apparatus, viz. long carpet whisk, dustpan and brush, Turk's-head mop, dust-sheets, curtain bags, tea leaves, dusters, tray, mattress brush, housemaid's box, furniture cream and rubbers.

2. Roll up rugs and mats, and carry out of room to be shaken.

3. Attend to washstand, giving ware and glass special weekly attention.

4. Dust all ornaments and gas globe, and place on a tray outside the room.

5. Brush mattress and dust bedstead.

6. Make the bed and cover with a large dust-sheet.

7. Shake and pin up any valances or curtains, shake and remove short muslin blinds.

8. Shake and fold up all toilet covers, etc., remove fenders, fireirons, etc.

9. Cover the large pieces of furniture after dusting with dust-sheets. Dust and remove chairs.

10. Dust each side of blind (each lath, if Venetian), pull up as high as possible, and cover with dust-sheet or paper. If the grate has been used, remove cinders, ashes, and soot before attending to the blind.

11. Sweep the ceiling, cornice, and walls with a Turk's-head mop, or a long hair broom covered with a clean duster.

12. Sprinkle one strip of carpet with clean-drained tea leaves, and shut windows.

13. Sweep the carpet with a long-handled carpet whisk towards the fireplace (unless this is contrary to the pile), sprinkling and sweeping in strips till the whole is clean (being careful to burn the leaves and dust), and afterwards sweep the wooden surround with a hair broom.

14. Open windows, leaving door closed for dust to settle.

15. While waiting, shake rugs in the open air, clean fender, wash globes, etc.

16. Dust and blacklead grate, using a hearth-cloth.

17. Dust first the highest things, such as windows, door frames, etc.

18. Remove dust-sheets carefully, shake them in open air, fold, and put away.

19. Rub wooden surround with damp rubber, dry duster, and floor-polish.

20. Well rub the furniture, using furniture cream if necessary.

21. Clean windows.

Every fortnight, if the carpet is old, after sweeping it should be rubbed over with a clean leather squeezed out of water containing a little vinegar and dissolved borax; the paint should also be washed.