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If a hat or bonnet is to look fresh and dainty, it should always be brushed after use, as dust quickly gives a soiled, tawdry appearance. Where there are trimmings under the brim, the hat should be supported, and not allowed to lie flat.

Heels and toes of stockings should be well stretched and darned before use. When a stocking foot becomes very badly worn and uncomfortable through wear, it, if knitted, should be refooted by the use of wool and knitting-needles; but, if finely woven, a new foot, cut from the upper part of another pair, should be substituted.


It is a great mistake to open a wet umbrella to dry it, as the moisture causes the ribs to bend, and the umbrella will not close tightly when once warped. It should be turned upside down; otherwise the water will soak into the starting-point of the ribs, and the silk will rot. When out of use, it should be unrolled, or the folds will quickly split. An umbrella-stand is not a safe keeping-place for a good umbrella, as in haste another may be pushed through it.

MACKINTOSHES when wet should be shaken, and opened so that air can get to every part; otherwise they smell unpleasantly. Extreme heat from a fire will cause the material which joins the seams to melt. Mud stains may sometimes be removed by gentle rubbing with spirit of wine.

Removal Of Stains From Clothing

The stain should always be rubbed from the outer part towards the centre to avoid spreading it. As little liquid as possible should be used, and linen or flannel is necessary as a rubber, to dry thoroughly.

To Remove Wax Or Grease

Blotting-paper and a warm iron are useful, or diluted benzine may be employed.


A flannel dipped in turpentine, paraffin, or chloroform, is efficacious while the paint is wet; if dry, equal quantities of turpentine and pure alcohol will probably assist its removal, by softening the paint. If a greasy mark is left, it should be treated with benzine.

GREASY COAT COLLARS (Black). These maybe cleansed by the application of water containing a little ammonia.

Cleaning Of Light Kid Gloves

The gloves should be rubbed gently, from the wrists to the finger-tips, with a flannel dipped in milk (using yellow soap if very soiled). While drying, the gloves should be pulled and stretched to retain their softness. Oatmeal or dry bran will clean gloves that are only slightly soiled.

WHITE GLOVES may be cleaned in the same manner by using benzine. Exposure to the open air is necessary to remove the smell.

BLACK KID GLOVES may be renovated by brushing the rubbed parts with a feather dipped in a mixture of equal quantities of the best black ink and olive oil.

WASHLEATHER GLOVES should be washed on the hands in warm soap lather containing a little ammonia, then taken off, and well pulled while drying.