How To Make And Treat A Bed

1. Weekly brush mattress and dust bedstead.

2. Turn mattress from side to side and top to foot alternate days to equalize pressure and wear.

3. Tuck in the under blanket free from wrinkles.

4. Place the under sheet in the same way if a bolster-case is used; otherwise roll the sheet round it.

5. Place the bolster and pillow in position with the hems turned downwards. If one side of the bed is near a wall, put the end of the pillow where the fastening comes towards the wall.

6. Put the top sheet on wrong side out, with a good margin at the top.

7. Tuck in the blankets, having the margin at the foot.

8. Fold over the extra length of sheet at the top over the blankets.

9. Put the counterpane on so that it hangs evenly and smoothly.

N.B.-Be careful to notice that the narrow hem of the sheets and the marking of the blankets come at the foot of the bed.

ATTENTION TO WASHSTAND APPARATUS:-1 can hot water, 1 can cold water, 1 basin and 1 chamber cloth, I chamber dry towel, I glass-cloth, slop pail, a little crushed soda, a piece of some material to lay down to protect carpet.

1. Empty chambers into the slop pail.

2. Empty water from basin into them, then into the pail.

3. Put a little hot water and crushed soda into them.

4. Pour some hot water into the basin; in it wash the soap-dish, tooth-brush stand, outer part of jug, and dry them.

5. Empty and refill the bottle, wiping the outside. Wash the glass in cold water and dry thoroughly, using a glass-cloth. Once a week clean with tea-leaves, etc. (See Chapter XIX (Glass).)

6. If the washstand is marble or tiled, wash and dry it.

7. Empty and dry the basin.

8. Fill the jug with clean cold water.

9. Empty chambers, rinse with cold water and dry them, using a special cloth or wool mop to wash them before rinsing.

The jug should be washed inside weekly (to prevent discolouration) with a little soda in the water. The cloths used should daily be scalded in boiling water, well rinsed in cold, and then hung in the open air. The pail should have the same treatment, and once a week (on washing day) should be thoroughly cleansed with hot soap-suds.

Order Of Work For Several Bedrooms

1. Open windows top and bottom, and air beds in each room.

2. Begin at the room which was aired first, and attend to its washstand, proceeding to the others in the order of airing.

3. Begin at first-aired room and make bed; follow on to the remainder.

4. Begin to take up bits in the first room and dust it, going on in the same order to the other rooms.

TO MARK BLANKETS Tack on to the left-hand lower corner a few inches of woolwork canvas; on it, with a rug-needle and coloured wool, work the necessary letters in cross-stitch. When complete, pull out the threads forming the canvas.