How To Calculate Required Amount Of Carpet

Room, 12 feet wide by 15 feet long.

Reduce the 12 feet to yards = 4 yards.

Reduce width of carpet (27 inches) to yards = 3/4 yard.

Reduce length of room (15 feet) to yards = 5 yards.

Then divide width of room by the width of carpet to ascertain how many widths are necessary, and multiply by the necessary length each width must be. Thus -

4X4X5/3 = 80 / 3 or 26 2/3 yards or, speaking roughly, 27 yards.

If 4/- per yard, it will cost $ 8s. for the carpet, and 9/- for the making.

TO REMOVE SOOT FROM CARPETS, sprinkle the part with dry salt, mix it carefully and lightly with the soot, and take up with a soft brush; then brush up briskly with a hard brush, and rub with a cloth dipped in water containing a little ammonia.

Uses And Abuses Of Carpet-Sweepers


Carpet-sweepers are useful for : (1) Taking up crumbs which may have fallen on the floor during a meal. (2) For the daily work of a room which is thoroughly brushed once a week. They raise no dust, and in that way economize time, as a room can be dusted more quickly after their use than after brushing. (3) They are especially useful for drawing-rooms and libraries, and with proper care will last many years.


A carpet-sweeper is not intended to supplant a brush, and must not be relied upon for thorough work, as it is not (1) possible with its aid to clean corners, or to approach the skirting-boards very closely; they only remove surface dust. (2) They are liable to wear off the nap very rapidly, and when out of order require to be mended at once, or they may injure the carpet.


After use they should be carefully emptied, or the dust and flue from the preceding day will fall about the carpet. When dirty they should be cleaned at once, or the brushes will soil instead of cleaning the carpets.


They vary in price from about 7/6 to 21/-.


They should be carefully hung up by the handle, the sweeper not being allowed to rest on the ground. When the brush portion is worn out it may be replaced at a cost of 2/6. The Bissel sweeper, in a convenient size, costs 13/6; the same size in the Ewbank sweeper is 9/11; both are found to be satisfactory.

Vacuum Carpet Cleaners

Of these there are several reliable makes, which are found to be easily worked and very satisfactory.

Home-Made Carpet Soap

1/2 oz. finely cut-up soap, 1/2 pint boiling water, 1 tablespoonful of ammonia, and a small lump of soda. The carpet should be brushed with a nail-brush or soft scrubbing-brush dipped in this mixture, then well rinsed with a cloth wrung out of warm water, and dried with a clean dry cloth.

Well-Known Varieties Of Rugs

Sheepskin (any colour), 25/- to 60/-; Angora (longer and silkier), 70/-; hand-tufted Axminster, 35/-; Mirzapore, 18/-; Koula (coarser than

Mirzapore), 10/- to 40/-; Namaz, or all wool Koula, from 40/-upwards; mohair (any colour), 18/- to 25/-.