I have been requested by Miss Butterworth to write an introduction to this Manual of Household Work and Management.

I have the greatest pleasure in doing so, because I believe that this Manual will prove of benefit to all classes of homes.

It has been written by one who is a specialist on the subject, and who has spent many years in giving instruction in the practical management of a house, etc., to all classes of women.

The various subjects included in the term "household work and management" have been dealt with in this small book.

It contains valuable information on the proper management of a house, obtained by practical experience.

It is a book that will be useful, not only to those who propose training as teachers of the domestic sciences, but to all those who undertake the management of a home.

I have confidence, therefore, in recommending this little book to all those who desire to study the science as well as the practice of household management.

Hester Davies,

Superintendent Domestic Arts Department, University College, Cardiff.

Author's Preface

The rarity of text-books containing the details of household work is the raison d'etre of this little manual. By those who are experienced in the management of the home, much of the information here given may be deemed superfluous ; but to the tyro no detail is unimportant. It is in the neglect of apparently small and obvious points that many irritating mistakes arise; and therefore, at the risk of wearisome repetition, every attention has been paid in this manual to those trifles that make perfection, which is in itself no trifle.

No attempt is made to supplant the goodly tomes on Domestic Economy already issued, but to supply a handy book of reference containing all the particulars of household management. It is written, primarily, for students qualifying for the Teacher's Diploma of Housewifery; but in the earnest hope that it may also be of assistance to many entrusted with the care and comfort of a home.

Annie Butterworth.

August, 1902.

Preface To Second Edition

The sale of the first edition of 6000 copies of this manual proves that it has not only been found useful by students training in Housewifery, but with many "entrusted with the care and comfort of home."

The gratifying notices of the Press, and the favourable testimonials of the Superintendents of Domestic Science Schools, have encouraged the author to issue a second edition, with additions which, it is hoped, will increase the usefulness of the work.

Cardiff, 1906.

Preface To Third Edition

The increased attention bestowed on the public health by National, County, and Municipal Councils, and the larger space devoted to this subject in the curriculum of the Schools of Domestic Science, have made it needful to give further information on Hygiene in this manual. Advantage has therefore been taken of the issue of a third edition to insert such information, and the most recent requirements of parliamentary and provincial authorities in reference to the health of the people.

Cardiff, 1913.