How To Make Red Raspberry Preserves

Red raspberries can be preserved in the same way as strawberries and are excellent combined with currants. Raspberry marmalade with currant juice is made by taking four quarts of red raspberries and one quart of ripe currants. Place raspberries in a preserving kettle, mash currants and extract the juice and add to the raspberries. Simmer slowly a half hour, then add an equal quantity of sugar, heating it in the oven before adding. Boil ten minutes, or until you have a thick preserve, and pour into jars.

How To Make Gooseberry Preserves

The best way to make gooseberry preserves is to make a rich syrup with sugar and a little water. Add the berries (which should not be ripe), and let them remain for about ten or fifteen minutes, then skim out with a wire strainer, and put into preserve jars. Boil the syrup until it jellies, then pour over the fruit, and seal.

How To Make Gooseberry And Pineapple Preserves

A delicious preserve can be made by combining gooseberries and pineapple. Use one part of pineapple to two parts of gooseberries, or half and half as liked. Use one pound of sugar to each pound of fruit, and make as other preserves.

How To Make Tomato Preserves

Many people are fond of tomato preserves. To make them, take four pounds of yellow pear tomatoes and three pounds of granulated sugar. Let stand overnight, then pour off all the juice and put into a preserving kettle. Boil up into a thick syrup, clearing it with the white of an egg if necessary. Then add the tomatoes, also two lemons, cut into thin slices, and a little ginger root. Cook until the tomatoes are clear and the syrup thick.

How To Make Rhubarb Conserve

To each three pounds of rhubarb, cut up into bits, add one-half pound of raisins, one-fourth pound of chopped almonds or English walnut meats, two lemons, and one cupful of pineapple. Seed and chop the raisins, slice the lemons very thin, and cut up the pineapple into small bits. Add enough water to start the juice flowing in the rhubarb, then add four pounds of sugar. Cook to a rich conserve, and fill glasses and seal up.

How To Make Barberry Conserve

Pick over and wash the berries, place in a preserving kettle and add enough water to about cover. Boil until the skins break, then press out all the juice. Add to this juice large seeded raisins, using about a pound of raisins to a cupful of the barberry juice, and a cupful of sugar. Boil to a thick conserve and fill glasses or jars.

How To Make Grape Conserve

To each pound of grapes that have been skinned, add the juice and grated rind of one orange, one-half pound of raisins, one-half pound of walnut meats, and one pound of sugar. If you wish a little lemon may also be added. Boil until thick and fill glasses or jars.

How To Make Pineapple Conserve

Peel, eye, and core the pineapple, cut into bits and run through a food chopper, or grate as desired. To each pint of the pineapple pulp add one pint of rhubarb cut up into bits. Boil until tender, then add to each pint of fruit a pound of sugar, the juice and grated rind of three oranges and one cupful of almonds or English walnut meats chopped into bits. Boil to the consistency of a conserve, and fill into glasses. The orange rind may be omitted if you do not care for the orange flavor.

How To Make Plum Conserve

Use damson or prune plums for this conserve. To each pound of plums use one-half pound of peaches and one-half pound of apricots, and onehalf pound of seeded raisins. Cook the fruit together until soft, then add the sugar, using a pound of sugar to each pound of fruit. Cook to the consistency of a thick conserve. If you wish nut meats may be added or the kernels of the peach pits may be pounded to a paste and stirred in.