Mix 1 pint of flour and 1 egg with milk enough to make batter (like that for batter cakes) and a little salt; grease dish well with butter, put in lamb chops, add a little water with pepper and salt; pour batter over it and bake for one hour.

Frogs Fried

Frogs are usually fried, and are considered a great delicacy. Only the hind legs and quarters are used.. Clean them well, season and fry in egg batter, or dipped in beaten egg and fine cracker crumbs, the same as oysters.

Tongue With Tomato Sauce

Boil a tongue until tender, remove the skin and return to the kettle and add cup stock and 1 can tomatoes. Cook slowly until the tomatoes are done, add flour to thicken as for gravy, and 2 tablespoons onion juice. Remove the tongue to platter and pour over the sauce and garnish with parsley.

To Fry Fresh Ham

Soak sliced ham in molasses water for an hour before cooking. Delicious.

Pressed Beef

Select four or five pounds beef, boil until very tender, seasoning while it is boiling. Shred while warm and press firmly together. When cold slice and serve cold, or fry in butter.

Creamed Chicken

Boil a good-sized chicken until meat falls from bones, put in dish, alternate layers of chicken, cracker crumbs, salt, pepper and butter until dish is full, put in some gravy and as much cream and bake.

Beef Loaf

Four pounds ground beef, add to it 3 dozen small crackers, rolled fine, 4 eggs, 1 cup sweet milk, 2 tablespoons salt, 1 teaspoon pepper, 1 tablespoon melted butter. Mix well; pack well.. Pour boiling water over and bake two hours.

Roast Turkey With Oyster Dressing

Clean a turkey and lay it in dripping pan. Prepare a dressing of stale bread composed of 1 quart bread crumbs and 1 cup butter, water enough to moisten; add 2 dozen oysters, salt and pepper to suit the taste. Mix all and stuff the turkey with it. Sew up carefully. Put some water in the dripping pan; salt and a chunk of butter, set in the oven and bake until done, basting often. Never parboil a young turkey.

Pot Roast Of Beef

Put into kettle some fresh suet; when hot put in the beef and sear over, as this keeps the juice in; season with salt, pepper and sift a little flour over; cover with boiling water and boil slowly, letting the water boil down so the last half hour the meat will fry. Make a fine brown gravy and the roast is excellent.

To Roast Beef

Sprinkle flour, salt and pepper on the beef, place in pan, pour in a little water, slice an onion, add 1 tablespoon vinegar. Cover tight in roaster or baste often. A little vinegar makes tough beef tender and juicy.

Chicken Loaf

One chicken, cook until tender, remove bones and chop fine, add 1 cup rolled crackers, 1 pint sweet milk, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon salt, pepper to taste. Mix all together, form into loaf and bake half an hour, baste with broth of chicken.