Stewed Tomatoes

Pour boiling water over a dozen sound, ripe tomatoes ; let them remain for a few moments; then peel off the skins, slice them and put them over the fire in a well-lined tin or graniteware sauce pan. Stew them about twenty minutes; then add 1 tablespoon butter; salt and pepper to taste; let them stew fifteen minutes longer and serve hot. Some prefer to thicken tomatoes with a little grated bread, adding a teaspoon sugar, and others who like the flavor of onion, chop up one and add while stewing; then again some add as much green corn as there are tomatoes.

Baked Winter Squash

Cut open the squash, take out the seeds, and without parting cut it up into large pieces; put the pieces on tins and dripping pan, place in moderately hot oven and bake about an hour. When done, peel and mash like mashed potatoes, or serve the pieces hot on dishes, to be eaten warm with butter like sweet potatoes. It retains its sweetness much better when baked this way than when boiled.

Scalloped Potatoes

Peel and slice raw potatoes thin, put a layer in a baking dish, season with salt, pepper and butter, add another layer of potatoes, and so on until the dish is full; put over the top a little cream or milk, a few bread crumbs and small piece of butter; bake one hour and serve hot.

Beet Greens

Wash young beets clean, do not separate roots from leaves, look over carefully to see that no bugs or worms remain. Boil in salted water from half to three-quarters of an hour. Take out and drain in a cullender. Dish and dress with butter, pepper and salt, if needed. Serve hot with vinegar.


Wash, peel, cut in thin slices across the grain and place in kettle in as little water as possible; boil until you can easily pierce with a fork; drain well, season with salt, pepper and butter; mash fine. Do not boil too long, as they are much sweeter when cooked quickly.

Onions Stewed

Peel and quarter and boil in water until cooked tender. Drain, season with butter, milk, salt and pepper.

Cooked Rice

Cook in water until soft, add chicken broth and a little salt. Good.

Scalloped Corn

To either fresh or canned corn add salt, pepper and butter to taste. Place alteraatingly a layer of corn with layer of cracker crumbs in a baking dish. Make mix-ture of two well-beaten eggs and sufficient milk to cover corn. Pour in baking dish; bake one-half hour or until done. Serve hot.

Scalloped Onions

Boil 8 onions in salted water, changing water twice. Drain and cut in halves, if large. Place in baking dish, season with salt and pepper, and pour a white sauce over them. Cover with bread crumbs, put bits of butter on top, set in oven to brown.