Canned Beef or Pork (Cold-Pack Method)

Fresh meat may be kept indefinitely by canning according to the following directions: -

Cut meat into pieces about 3 or 4 inches square, removing all bones. Dust lightly with a mixture of salt and pepper. Pack tightly into sterilized jars and see that there are several fat pieces on top. Place rubbers on jars and put caps in place. Boil steadily in a hot-water bath for 4 hours. When done, remove from bath, tighten lids, and invert to test. When moderately cooled, dip tops into paraffin. The next day the meat may have settled to about three-fourths the jar content and it should have a thick coating of fat on top. Mark the jars, wrap in paper, and put in a dark place. When ready to use, set the jar in a pan of hot water, and the meat will come out more readily.

Canned Chicken (Cold-Pack Method)

Cook the chicken till tender in hot water, adding 1 tablespoon salt after the chicken has cooked 15 minutes. Remove the bones, pack meat into jars, and follow directions as for canned beef.