Frizzled Dried Beef

1/2 pound dried beef

2 tablespoonfuls butter or other fat 2 tablespoonfuls flour

2 cupfuls milk 1/8 teaspoonful pepper 2 hard-cooked eggs Buttered toast

Pick the beef in small pieces, and remove the tough strings. Melt the fat in a saucepan, add the beef and cook till browned, then stir in the flour, mix well, and add the milk gradually. Let boil, season more if necessary and serve on toast with a garnish of the eggs, chopped.

Thick Oxtail Soup

2 oxtails, separated in sections

6 onions

2 carrots

1 cupful canned tomatoes (optional)

4 potatoes

Salt and pepper to taste

Cold water

Beef drippings

Brown the meat in the beef drippings; then. remove the meat, add the onion and carrots, sliced, to the drippings, and cook until yellowed. Combine the oxtail and fried vegetables with two quarts of cold water. Bring to boiling point and simmer slowly until the meat is almost tender. Then add the potatoes, sliced thin, season to taste and finish cooking. Thicken with 6 tablespoonfuls of flour dissolved in a little cold water. Or, add J cupful of rice when the stew is half done and omit the potatoes. If desired, this may be baked in the oven in a bean pot or large casserole.