Steamed Pumpkin

Break open the pumpkin, remove the seeds and strings, cut the shell in pieces, and steam until the pulp is tender, about an hour and a half. Scrape from the shell and sift.

Fried Pumpkin

Prepare steamed pumpkin as directed in the preceding recipe; spread the desired quantity in the bottom of a hot skillet containing two tablespoonfuls of melted bacon or salt pork drippings. Cook gently until browned on the bottom, and serve garnished with cooked bacon or salt pork as a breakfast dish, or without, as a vegetable.

Pumpkin As A Vegetable

Cut the pumpkin in large pieces, scrape out the seeds, and place the sections in a dripping pan containing a little water. Bake until the pulp is mealy, then scrape it out of the shells, sift it (as squash), and season well with salt, pepper, butter, a little sugar and a generous dash of tomato catsup.

Peppers Stuffed With Brown Rice

6 medium-sized peppers 2 cupfuls cooked brown rice 1/2 cupful tomato pulp 2 tablespoonfuls butter 1/2 teaspoonful pepper

1/2 teaspoonful Worcestershire sauce 1/2 cupful sausage meat 1 pint White Sauce No. 2

Cut the tops from the peppers and scoop out the seeds. Mix together the rice, tomato, butter (melted), pepper, Worcestershire, sausage meat, and salt to taste. Fill the peppers two-thirds full. Place on a baking plate and put a teaspoonful of butter or bacon drippings on top of each one. Pour a half inch of water in the dish, and bake the peppers half an hour (or until tender), basting with the liquid in the pan. Serve surrounded with the sauce.