2 cupfuls boiled brown rice 1 cupful diced celery 1 minced green pepper 1/2 tablespoonful scraped onion

3 tablespoonfuls olive oil 1 tablespoonful vinegar 1/2 teaspoonful salt 1/8 teaspoonful pepper Tomato catsup Lettuce or cress

Mix together the salad ingredients and arrange on the lettuce. Pour over a little tomato catsup, and garnish further with parsley, if desired.

Brown Bice And Chicken Salad

Observe the proportions of ingredients as given for Brown Rice Salad. Add a cupful of diced chicken, and enough mayonnaise or boiled salad dressing to blend the salad. Arrange on lettuce and garnish with strips of pimento. Omit the catsup.

Brown Rice And Nut Salad

Observe the proportions as given for Brown Rice Salad, adding a cupful of broken English Walnut meats just before serving, together with mayonnaise or boiled salad dressing to blend. Omit the catsup.