Baked Almond Pudding

6 macaroons 6 lady ringers 1 cupful milk 3 eggs

1/2 cupful shredded almonds Few drops vanilla 1/3 cupful sugar

Pour the scalded milk over the lady fingers and macaroons. Add the flavoring, sugar, almonds and egg yolks, beaten until lemon-colored, and combine with the whites, beaten stiff. Divide into buttered ramekins and bake in a moderate oven till brown. Serve hot or cold, with whipped cream and Maraschino cherries.

Baked Gingerbread Pudding

2 cupfuls gingerbread crumbs 1/2 cupful brown sugar

1 teaspoonful mixed spices 1 or 2 eggs 3 cupfuls milk

Butter a baking dish. Let the crumbs stand in the milk for ten minutes, then add the sugar and the egg, beaten together with the spices. Stand in a pan of hot water and bake for forty minutes in a moderate oven. Serve with a brown sugar or caramel sauce, if desired.

Date and Nut Pudding (Mrs. W. H. Ralyea)

I cupful walnut meats, chopped coarse 1 cupful dates, quartered Few grains salt

2 tablespoonfuls flour

1 teaspoonful baking powder

2 eggs

Mix together the dates and walnuts; stir the baking powder into the flour; then combine with the dates and nuts. Add the beaten egg yolks and mix thoroughly. Then fold in the egg whites, whipped stiff and dry. Transfer to a shallow baking pan and bake twenty minutes in a moderate oven. Cool and cut in squares. Garnish at serving time with whipped cream sweetened and flavored with vanilla, and a few chopped nut meats, or some shredded candied cherries.

Fruit Whips And Charlottes

Fruit whips may be made to serve in two ways, either uncooked or baked. The uncooked whips may be served as an accompaniment to canned or crushed fruit of a harmonizing kind, or piled on sponge cake or lady fingers, and served with boiled custard.

Strawberry Whip

1 1/4 cupfuls mashed strawberries

1 cupful powdered sugar 2 egg whites

Put the ingredients in a wide bowl, and beat the mixture with a wire whisk until stiff enough to hold its shape. Serve with whipped cream in tall glasses, or surrounded with boiled custard, or on cut and sugared strawberries, or in a bowl lined with lady fingers or strips of sponge cake.

Raspberry Whip

Make according to the directions for Strawberry Whip, substituting crushed raspberries for the strawberries.

Apricot Whip

Make according to the directions for Strawberry Whip, substituting sifted canned or stewed dried apricots for the strawberries.

Apple Whip

Make according to the directions for Strawberry Whip, substituting well-sweetened apple sauce for the strawberries.

Cherry Whip

Canned cherries 2 egg whites

2 tablespoonfuls powdered sugar

Beat the egg whites and sugar together till nearly stiff, then add a fourth cupful of the cherry liquor and continue beating until it will hold its shape. Serve piled on canned cherries. Ox-heart cherries are best for this purpose.