Scrub the goose on the outside with soap and water, and rinse thoroughly. Then dress as in general directions, rinsing well, and hang up for a few hours to drain. Season the inside with a little powdered sage, salt and pepper. If desired, it may be stuffed, although this is not customary with a young goose. After trussing place on a rack in the pan and cook an hour; then pour off the fat in the pan and dredge the bird with flour, sprinkle with salt and pepper and lay slices of salt pork along the breast. When the flour is browned, baste the goose often with salted hot water, dredging with flour each time as well. Cook until the joints separate easily - from one and one-half to three hours. If the goose is a year or more old, it should be steamed until nearly tender, then floured and browned.

In making the gravy pour off most of the fat in the pan, then make as usual; the chopped, cooked giblets are an addition. If dressing is to be used, the most satisfactory is of potato and walnuts.