Roast Turkey

Dress and truss the turkey according to general directions. Use any desired stuffing - plain stuffing with celery, or one containing chestnuts. When trussed, rub the turkey all over with a mixture of equal parts of butter and flour. Place on a rack in a dripping pan and set in a double roaster. Bake according to general directions, basting every fifteen minutes. Allow three hours for a turkey weighing eight to ten pounds.

Boiled Turkey

1 turkey

6 cupfuls bread crumbs 1 teaspoonful sage 1 teaspoonful thyme 1 teaspoonful marjoram 2 anchovies or sardines, chopped

Grated rind 1/2 lemon

1/2 cupful chopped suet

1 egg

1 1/2 teaspoonfuls salt


Boiling water

Make a dressing of the above ingredients. Stuff the turkey, leaving space for the filling to swell; sew it up, truss it and wrap in cheesecloth. Set to cook in boiling salted water barely to cover and simmer until tender - two hours for a young turkey and four for an old one. Serve with oyster or celery sauce.

Boiled Turkey With Oyster Forcemeat

Prepare a turkey for boiling, as in the preceding recipe, substituting oyster forcemeat for the dressing mentioned. Finish as directed and serve garnished with oyster forcemeat dumplings.

Oyster Forcemeat Dumplings

I small loaf stale bread, grated 1 pint oysters, well-drained Grated rind i lemon Few grains nutmeg 1/4 teaspoonful pepper

1 1/2 teaspoonfuls salt

1/3 cupful melted butter, or other fat 3 eggs A little cream or undiluted evaporated milk to moisten

Chop the oysters fine, add to the grated crumbs together with the other ingredients and mix very thoroughly. This is sufficient to stuff a small turkey and to allow for a few small dumpKngs. To prepare these, make the mixture into egg-sized balls and poach them in the turkey liquor for twenty minutes before the bird is to be served.