Broiled Squabs

Truss the squabs according to general directions; dust with salt and pepper, and pour over a little melted butter. Broil flesh side to the heat until browned, then turn and broil the skin side. Finish the cooking in the oven, which will take about twenty-five minutes.

Serve on slices of toast moistened with the residue from the pan, and spread lightly with tart currant, or barberry, jelly.

Casserole Of Stuffed Pigeons

Allow a pigeon to each person. Stuff with brown or wild rice boiled with a bit of bay leaf and highly seasoned with onion juice and celery salt. Truss the pigeons, roast them till well-browned in a hot oven, then transfer to a casserole; pour over the drippings from the baking pan, half surround with stock, cover and bake gently for an .hour, then remove the birds, thicken the remaining stock and season it with tart currant jelly.

Pigeon Pie

3 pigeons, dressed and split

Bit of bay leaf

1 cupful diced celery

6 tablespoonfuls flour

Salt pork

1 cupful peas

3 cupfuls boiling water 1 cupful cream

4 tablespoonfuls butter Short biscuit crust

Dress and split the pigeons, dredge with flour, saute (fry) slightly in salt pork fat and place in a casserole or braising dish. Add the bay leaf, celery and boiling water. Bring all to boiling point and let simmer until tender, about one and one-half hours, adding 2 teaspoon-fuls of salt at the end of an hour. Thicken with the butter and flour rubbed together, add the peas and let boil. Turn in the cream, scalded, season to taste, pour into a baking dish, and set the crust quickly in place. Bake until browned.