Roast Duck

Dress and clean the duck as in general directions. Stuff with apples, pared and cored, to absorb the flavor. Truss, place on a rack in a dripping pan with two thin slices of salt pork on the breast. Dredge the duck and the bottom of the pan with flour. When this is brown, add a half cupful of hot water. Baste every fifteen minutes until done. It will take from one to one and one-quarter hours for a domestic duck, thirty minutes for a wild duck. Sprinkle with salt and pepper during the last fifteen minutes of cooking. Make a brown gravy as for other roasts. This stuffing is not to be eaten. If an onion flavor is desired, place onions in the bird instead of apples. If the stuffing is to be eaten, use a plain prune, peanut, malaga or walnut and potato stuffing.

Smothered Duck

1 2- or 3-pound cluck 1 small minced onion Salt and pepper 1 minced sage leaf 4 tablespoonfuls butter or drippings

3 tablespoonfuls flour

Stock to half cover duck

1 pint green peas

Soy sauce

Sprinkling of dried mint

Dress the duck, dredge with salt and pepper, place the onion and sage inside the body and partially roast the bird. Set in a deep baking-dish or casserole, and half cover with hot stock, using about four cupfuls. Thicken with butter and flour rubbed together, season, if necessary, and add the peas and a trace of mint. Let bake or stew till tender, about thirty minutes longer. Season with soy sauce. Serve with hominy croquettes and sour cabbage.

Brown Duck

1 3-pound duck

2 tablespoonfuls minced onion

4 tablespoonfuls beef drippings

Bit of bay leaf

3 tablespoonfuls flour

1 cupful mushrooms


Dress and disjoint the duck. Dredge with salt and pepper, and brown with the onion in the drippings. Add the bay leaf, half cover with good soup stock and simmer until almost tender - about two hours. Then add the mushrooms cut in bits, and finish cooking. Thicken with the flour diluted in a little cold water, and serve very hot.