Baked White Kidney Beans

1 1/2 cupfuls dried white kidney beans

1 tablespoonful minced onion

1 cupful minced ham

1 cupful diced celery

Boiling water

1 teaspoonful salt 1 cupful sour cream 1/4 teaspoonful pepper 1 teaspoonful sugar 1/4 teaspoonful mustard 1/4 teaspoonful soda

Soak the beans over night, add the soda, and stew until nearly tender. Then mix with the other ingredients, add hot water nearly to cover and bake an hour and a half in a moderate oven, uncovering them the last half hour.

Boston Baked Beans

1 quart pea beans 1/2 teaspoonful soda 1/2 pound fat salt pork, scalded, or 1/2 cupful bacon drippings 1 teaspoonful mustard

1 tablespoonful salt

1/2 teaspoonful pepper

1 cupful canned tomatoes

(optional) 1/4 cupful Barbadoes molasses 2 tablespoonfuls minced onion

Soak the beans over night in water to cover. Then wash them well and parboil with the soda in boiling water, till they are barely tender. Rinse again, put in a bean pot or casserole, mix in the seasonings, and bury the pork at the bottom. Cover with boiling water, put on the lid, and cook slowly for six hours in a moderate oven. Renew the water as needed and during the last two hours draw the pork to the surface, score it and let it brown.

Italian Beans

1 cupful Italian Beans Boiling water 4 tablespoonfuls olive oil 6 tablespoonfuls grated cheese 1/2 a clove of garlic, minced

1 cupful sifted canned tomato

1 teaspoonful salt

Few grains pepper

2 tablespoonfuls minced onion

Soak the beans for four hours in water to cover and then drain. Fry the onion and garlic in the olive oil till softened, then add the beans, tossing them about, and pour in water to cover. Season and boil gently for four hours, adding water to replenish that lost from evaporation, and turn in the tomato. Let stand to become very hot, stew with the cheese, and serve as the main dish at luncheon or supper. Two minced green peppers may be fried with the onion, if the flavor is desired.

Stewed Italian Peas

1 cupful Italian Peas 1 quart soup stock 2 tablespoonfuls olive oil Grating of lemon rind

3/4 teaspoonful salt Few grains pepper 1 cupful light cream

Soak the peas over night in cold water, drain, cover with cold water again, add 1/4 teaspoonful baking soda and bring to boiling point. Drain again, rinse, toss the peas in the oil, add to the meat stock which should be boiling, season and simmer till tender - about three hours, replenishing the stock as it evaporates to keep the peas barely covered. When tender add the cream and the lemon rind, and serve as the main dish at luncheon or supper, or as a vegetable accompaniment to a meal light in meat.

Baked Lentils

2 cupfuls German lentils 1 cupful diced celery 1 cupful stewed tomatoes 4 slices salt pork (diced)

2 onions, minted 1 teaspoonful sugar 1 1/2 teaspoonfuls salt 1/2 teaspoonful pepper

Soak the lentils over night, then drain and boil up in water containing a little soda. Drain again, mix with the other ingredients and pour into a bean pot or casserole. Barely cover with water and bake gently for four hours, uncovering during the last hour.

Stuffed Nut Peppers

6 green peppers

2 cupfuls soft bread crumbs

1 cupful chopped walnuts

1/2 cupful well-seasoned tomato, brown or white sauce

Seasoning to taste

Remove the tops from the peppers and scoop out the cores and seeds. Place in cold, salted water, bring quickly to boiling point, remove and drain. Mix together the crumbs and nut meats, moisten well with the sauce, season to taste with salt and pepper and stuff the peppers. Sprinkle with buttered crumbs and bake until tender (about thirty minutes) in a moderate oven, basting occasionally with hot water containing a little butter.

Green Peas

Shell the peas, and reserve the pods. Put them on to cook for one-half hour in a quart of boiling water to two quarts of pods. Use the resulting liquid as a basis for cream of pea soup.

Cook the peas themselves in boiling water to barely cover, adding 1/2 teaspoonful of salt and 1/4 teaspoonful of sugar to a pint of water. Cook from twenty to sixty minutes, according to the age of the peas, and season well with butter, just before serving. The liquid should be of small quantity and act as a sauce.

Creamed Peas

Cook fresh peas as directed in the preceding recipe, add an equal quantity of rich milk or cream to the liquid left from cooking the peas and thicken with a table-spoonful of flour and butter rubbed together to a cupful of liquid. Season to taste.

If canned peas are used, rinse them with cold water, and re-heat in White Sauce No. 2, using 3/4 cupful of the sauce to a can of peas.