1/4 pound spaghetti 1 pint oysters Salt and pepper 1 cup bread-crumbs 1/8 cup melted fat

1 1/2 cups milk 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons butter or other fat

Break the spaghetti into small pieces, boil it in plenty of salted boiling water until it is quite tender, and then drain. Scald the oysters in their own liquor, reserving the liquor. Oil a baking-dish, put in a layer of the spaghetti and then a layer of the oysters, season with salt and pepper, and repeat the layers until all the oysters and spaghetti are used, finishing with a layer of spaghetti. To the liquor from the oysters, add enough milk to make a pint, reserving a small quantity to mix with the flour. Scald the remainder, add the scalded milk to the moistened flour, stir well and cook twenty minutes in a double boiler. Take from the fire, add the melted fat and pour over the layers in the dish. Top with bread-crumbs mixed with melted fat (see recipe for buttered crumbs), and bake in a quick oven (400°-450° F.) just long enough to brown the crumbs, about ten minutes.