Cheese has an important place in the dietary, for it keeps well, it is a concentrated food, and ordinarily it is an economical one, at least when compared with other animal foods.

One pound of cheese represents the fat and protein of a gallon of milk. It is one form in which a surplus of milk may be stored satisfactorily and cheaply.

In spite of this, many persons do not use cheese as frequently as they should. In large measure, this is because the following facts about cheese are not generally known:

That cheese is a very concentrated food and therefore should be eaten in small amounts and should be associated at the same meal with bulky foods such as fruits and vegetables.

That whole-milk cheese is very rich in fat and therefore other fats at the meal should be limited in amount.

That cheese is soft in texture and should be associated with something having tough, "chewy" or crisp texture.

That cheese should take the place of meat or eggs and not be used merely as an addition to a meal already heavy with protein and fat.