2 pounds halibut

2 cups stewed tomatoes 1 cup water

3 cloves

1 slice onion

2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon flour Salt and pepper

Put the tomatoes, water, cloves and onion on the stove in a Stewpan to boil. Mix the butter and flour together, stir them into the sauce when it boils and add the salt and pepper. Cook ten minutes and strain into a bowl.

Pour boiling water into a deep plate to the depth of one-half inch, and lay the fish in it for one minute, skin side down; when the fish is removed from the water, the black skin can be taken off easily. Wash the fish in cold water, season with salt and pepper and lay it on the baking sheet in a dripping-pan, put sliced lemon on top, then pour half the tomato sauce around the fish and bake in a hot to moderate oven (425 to 350° F.) for thirty to forty minutes, basting three times with the remainder of the tomato sauce. Pour the sauce remaining in the bottom of the pan around the fish on the serving platter.