After cleaning, dry the fish, sprinkle with salt and pepper, dip in fine bread-crumbs, flour or corn-meal, then in egg, and again in crumbs, flour or corn-meal, and fry in deep fat. (See Index for directions for deep-fat frying.) Small fish are cooked in this way, with or without head and tail; also fish steaks, fillets or turbans. The skin is usually removed. In some cases (for example, the perch) if the skin has not been removed by the fish dealer, it is very difficult to get it off. In this case, dip for a moment into boiling water and remove at once.

Fried Fish - Small fish are fried whole; for example, smelts, small flounders, whitebait, small whitings, small herrings, small perch. Larger fish such as eels, halibut, cod, large flounder and sole are cut in four-inch lengths or made into fillets or turbans before frying.

Fried fish are usually served with Tartar sauce, anchovy sauce or with lemon.

Panned Fish - Clean, wash and dry fish, rub in flour which has been seasoned with salt and pepper or dip in egg and crumbs and saute in a saucepan in a small amount of fat. Any fish that can be fried can be panned.