Select a box that can be kept clean. Lunch boxes should be washed, scalded and aired daily. Those made of lightweight metal are best. Many attractive boxes are now made with a vacuum bottle which fits the box. These are highly desirable. A lunch box should not be air-tight, as a circulation of air prevents the mingling of odors. All food should be protected from dirt by wrapping.

Accessories - A small vacuum container of cup-like shape for hot foods, a screw-top container for liquid or semi-solid food, plenty of waxed paper, and paper napkins are essential lunch box accessories.

Without the Hot Dish - In many places the school, the Parent-Teacher Association or some woman's club provides milk and/or prepares one hot dish at school to be sold to children for a few cents. In this case the lunch box need contain only the sandwiches, vegetables and fruit. The greatest care should be exercised that vitamins and minerals are not sacrificed to bulk. Carrot sticks, parsley, whole tomatoes, radishes, cabbage leaves, oranges or grapefruit will take care of this.