The retirement of solid fuels from domestic consumption has resulted, in recent years, in the rearrangement of basement space to provide for the Rumpus room. This room takes many forms and is as variously equipped as there are types of basements and of household ideas. It ranges from the simple, cleared space allotted to children's indoor play to the elaborate, professionally decorated English Taproom. In many of the simpler types there are provisions for some sort of cooking, an electric grill or a fireplace before which corn may be popped, or chestnuts, wieners and marshmallows roasted. Without cooking equipment, food prepared in the kitchen is served here. All Rumpus room parties are of the most informal type and the menus planned should reflect this spirit. Picnic menus serve best: hamburgs and wieners on rolls, small steaks, chops and bacon, sandwiches, whole pickles, radishes, tomatoes, olives, deviled eggs, whole fruit, doughnuts and cider, beer, lemonade or ginger ale. If there is a fireplace, use it for the camp cookery children enjoy on hikes - potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole eggs or onions done in the hot ashes. Clever boys and their fathers will be able to manage more complicated things. The room is, of course, the ideal spot for taffy pulls and popcorn-ball parties of the oldsters' childhood. Entertainment takes the form of games.