Vegetable Soup - If a clear soup is desired, follow the directions for clarifying soup stock, and then add, to each quart of brown stock, one cup of diced vegetables, raw or cooked. If the vegetables are cooked, the soup needs to be boiled for only a few minutes. When raw vegetables are added, simmer until the vegetables are all tender, adding boiling water, if necessary, to replace any that may have evaporated. Season to taste and serve.

Sago, Rice or Barley Soup - For each quart of brown or white stock, use two tablespoons sago, rice or barley. Soak sago or rice one-half hour in enough stock or water to cover it. Barley should be soaked over night. Bring remainder of stock to simmering-point. Add soaked sago, barley, or rice and simmer in closed saucepan one-half hour.

Macaroni, Vermicelli, Spaghetti, or Noodle Soup - For each quart brown stock, use 1/4 cup macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli or noodles broken into small pieces. Simmer the pastes in the stock until tender, adding water if necessary.