Veal Chops

These are cut from the loin and ribs, and correspond to the sirloin and rib steaks in beef, and to the chops in mutton. They are generally more tender than the cutlets from the leg, just as sirloin steak is more tender than that from the round.

Loin or kidney chops have quite a piece of fat with them which is very sweet and delicious, and sometimes the kidney is sold with the chop.

Trim off the fat and cook it slowly until crisp. Slice the kidney, season with salt and pepper, and cook it in the fat.

Trim the chops and remove the bone, if preferred. Press into compact shape and season slightly. Roll in fine cracker crumbs, then dip in beaten egg, then in seasoned crumbs, and cook carefully in the hot fat, adding more butter or salt pork fat, if needed. Do not let them become too brown. Drain and serve, garnished with the crisp fat and sliced kidney and a bit of parsley.

Breaded Chops

Remove the bone and tough portion from six chops cut from the loin or ribs. Pat them into shape. Make a dressing of stale bread crumbled, highly seasoned with salt, pepper, cayenne, and a little powdered thyme, moistened with melted butter and one well beaten egg and enough hot water to make it soft enough to spread easily. Lay the chops in a dripping pan with some of the surplus fat under them. Spread the dressing smoothly all over the top of each, place them in a hot oven, and bake about twenty minutes, or until brown.

Pork Chops

It will be impossible to cook some pork chops, and have them juicy and tender. There is no meat that varies so much in quality, or that is so deceptive as fresh pork. The lean must be well marked with white lines of fat, or it will be dry and hard. It is often put into a very hot spider without any fat, and the surface quickly becomes very hard and brown.

Put in a tablespoonful of lard, and when hot lay in the chops, and then keep them turning constantly; reduce the heat as soon as they are browned on each side, and cook slowly until thoroughly done. Do not salt them until just before serving. They may be laid in a greased pan and baked quickly in a hot oven.