Baked Quail

Pick, draw, and wipe the birds outside and inside with a wet cloth. Be careful to remove any shot in the flesh. Cut the wings and neck off close to the body, but leave the feet on. Take two oysters to each bird, dip them in melted butter, then in cracker crumbs seasoned with salt and pepper. Put them into the body, tie the feet and fasten them through the tail with a small wooden skewer so they will cover the opening. Rub the breasts with softened butter and dredge with flour. Pin a thin piece of fat salt pork on the breast, arrange them in a baking pan so they will keep breast up. Place them in a hot oven and bake twelve minutes. Baste with melted butter and water three times during the baking. They have a dry white meat, and should be well done and be basted frequently to make them delicious.

Have ready a small slice of nicely toasted bread, no crusts, and moisten it slightly with hot salt water. Dish the birds on the toast without spilling any of the juice from the inside, as this is needed on the toast. Remove the skewers and pork, and garnish with cauliflower.

Broiled Squabs

Remove the feathers, split down the back, remove the entrails, and wipe clean. Rub all over with soft butter, and dredge with salt and pepper. Lay them in a piece of buttered letter-paper, inside down, cross the legs over the outside, and fold the edges under to shape it well. Fold the paper over and fold the edges together. Broil over a clear fire about eight minutes. Spread currant-jelly on some hot buttered toast; lay a bird on each slice, with a little jelly on the breast. Pour over them the juice from the papers, and serve very hot.